Acteurs – Acteurs


RELEASED: 11th February 2013

6 track Mini LP (Ltd 400 pressing) / Digital


Watch the video for lead cut Cloud Generating, directed by Alexander Stewart:

Acteurs – Cloud Generating from Public Information on Vimeo.

“The spores of TG breaking out all over. An alternative bloodline of electronic music; as if the interbreeding of Chicago and Industrial resulted in sleeper cells entering a long gestation all over the world. Genesis’ postal network as the carrier.”
(20 Jazz Funk Greats)

And so we splash into 2013 with an almighty throb, pulse-tone generators at the ready. This is Cloud Generating, debut record of malformed electronic-pop and modular fury from Chicago two-piece Acteurs. From the chest-rattling opening kick of title track to the radon hailstorm of dub-techno epic “Freezing Fog” it’s clear that the pair, Jeremy Lemos and Brian Case know their way around a mixing desk. Both have long, immaculate CV’s with the cream of the U.S alternative scene, and here they stretch the studio to its limit.

Acteurs: proponents of bass to make systems quiver, drums that punch the gloom, electronics to scythe and screech into darkest night – a psychedelic overload.

Acteurs: purveyors of pop-not-pop…itchy Cluster tones…frazzled Factory keys…LCD oscillations…NEU-motorik thrust…Argabright playgrounds… repetition, repetition, repetition…

Dream an Acteurs dream. Sodium streetlights, grey smoke. Chromium staircases and black-glass buildings. Acid rains. Cyberpunk racers. Dead TV channels. Amped-out brains . Come join their future-primitive world of stark and brutal groove, metallic avant-pop and precise mechanical funk.

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Love Cult – Fingers Crossed


RELEASED: 26th November 2012

9 track LP (400 pressing) / Digital

Love Cult - Fingers Crossed


From the sun blemished bleep of Parry Music to the black marble night-haunts of Fingers Crossed. Public Information wraps up warm and closes its curtains for the winter months ahead. Our darkest record so far….The protagonists: Ivan Afanasyev and Anya Kuts (Red Bull Music Academy artist 2013). The location: deepest Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia. They are Love Cult and this is their debut LP.

Since 2009 Love Cult music has seeped through various ferric cracks (Blackest Rainbow, Brave Mysteries). They have travelled and toured with Ensemble Economique, High Wolf and Lucky Dragons. They run a cassette label, Full Of Nothing. But it is here on Public Information they find their perfect muse.

Wordless chorals from far far away… mangled Roland drum machines… decomposed Russian TV samples… endless microphone feedback… twisted Finnish kantele… throbbing bass dynamics… sky-bound folk songs… slow decay…

In freezing snow-tipped woodland, Fingers Crossed howls for your ears… nine stormy mantras from a beautiful lost space. The sad whispers of Grouper, the furious noise of Yellow Swans, the empty rooms of KTL, the gothic angles of Hannett , the crumbling ghosts of Basinski…

Distil these elements in hard vodka and minus-20 Karelia winter and you only come half way to understanding the lonely, strange music that Love Cult make; Fingers Crossed.

Mastered by Lupo at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin. Artwork by Anya Kuts.

Love Cult


A1 Inhale
A2 Wall Rug
A3 Kantele
A4 Backslide
A5 Fingers Crossed
B1 Lulling Demons to Sleep
B2 Knowledge
B3 Palinode
B4 Place to Get Lost In

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Honest Jons


Rough Trade

Sounds Of The Universe

Juno Records



Forced Exposure

Various Artists: Tomorrow’s Achievements: Parry Music Library 1976-86


RELEASED : 15th October 2012

25 track LP (Ltd 400 copy pressing) / Download

This is Tomorrow’s Achievements, an exclusive Public Information foray into the Canadian Library institution, Parry Music.

With access granted by founder John Parry we have selected twenty-five of our favourite electronic tracks, a late summer / early autumn heat-wave of perfect melody.

Parry Music was founded in Toronto, 1974 by John Parry and Chris Stone. John was formerly a manager of revered UK library Chappell Music and Chris was a Canadian music consultant, both brought some familiar musicians to the table.

Johnny Hawksworth, Robin Artus, Paul Kass, Nino Nardini (close allies with Roger Roger) are on board Tomorrow’s Achievements . At the same time we have a little known Canadian Library musician who features heavily, one Harry Forbes.

Forbes is the real driving force of our Parry-Love; a master of imminent, hummable melody, sublime synth miniatures baked in sweetness. Elsewhere we revel with the other players in proto-Balearic house, groovy electronic disco, spooked choral drone, freaked-modular scorch, weird Radiophonic bleep. These are the soundtracks to movie car chases never known, lost kids TV shows never realized, radio-ads never broadcast – music to make your ears sing for more.

A compliation put together piece by piece at Public Information HQ, lovingly re-mastered by Rashad at D&M and artwork by Jack Featherstone.

A1. Dawn Light: Robin Artus
A2. Bio-Rhythm: Paul Kass
A3. Digits: Harry Forbes
A4: New Invention: Nino Nardini
A5 Solar Energy: Russ Walker
A6: Alpha Micro: Robin Artus / Paul Kass
A7: Builders 2: Harry Forbes
A8: Integrator: Hermann Langschwert
A9: Sonic Rhythm: Barry Schleifer
A10: Technomobile No.2: E Grenga / C Lawry / D Stevens
A11: Future Directions: Rick Miller
A12: Turbo Motion: Robin Artus / Paul Kass
A13: Automation: Robin Artus / Paul Kass
A14: Utilities: Harry Forbes

B1: The Beginning: Johnny Hawksworth
B2: Time Lapse: Harry Forbes
B3: Poseidon: Paul Williams
B4: Cuboid: Kerry Beaumont
B5: Remote Control: Harry Forbes
B6: Moving Patterns: Barry Schleifer
B7: Instroscan No.2: Paul Kass
B8: Communications : Harry Forbes
B9: Panorama No.2 : Robin Artus / Paul Kass
B10: Drone No.1: Harry Forbes
B11: Tomorrow’s Achievements: Harry Forbes

A few words about Parry and the composers from founder and owner John Parry :

The Parry Music Library was founded in 1974 inToronto,Canada, by John Parry and Chris Stone. John had previously managed the Chappell library inEnglandbefore migrating and Chris had an existing library music consultancy company inToronto. This partnership also started a company representing and marketing other foreign music libraries acrossCanada. Through John’s many composer contacts inEngland, several contributed to the new library.

Robin Artus and Paul Kass were notable electronic writers. Johnny Hawksworth was a well-known double bass player, who played with the Ted Heath band in the 1940s and went on to compose and arrange countless compositions for big bands, small ensembles and electronic instrumentations. Canadian composers were drawn to Parry Music, in particular Harry Forbes who had a very successful career in composing electronic music for educational television – science and children’s shows in particular. He was also a good acoustic guitar player. Kerry Beaumont, an Englishman living in Toronto and later the USA, is a fine keyboard player and produced many recordings for the library, many in classical styles. He now resides in England as a church organist and choir master. Russ Walker, from Toronto, is renowned for his flute playing and acoustic guitar, having made numerous recordings of mainly folk music. He also runs a successful post production studio in Toronto. Other writers represented in this album have contributed many recordings to the Parry Music Library and continue to be active in the field.

John Parry, Florida, 2012

        B      U      Y



Honest Jons


Rough Trade



F.C. Judd

Frederick Charles Judd (1914-1992)

Woodford, East London, England


Inventor,  proselytiser of early British electronic music.

Public Information.



ADR- Aaron David Ross.

Tuscon, Arizona
Chicago, Illinois
New York City
Public Information