Austin Cesear – Deep Breakfast Mixtape


RELEASED : 19th Spetember 2012

50 x hand stamped CDR

As a celebration of our first year in business we proudly give to you the Deep Breakfast Mixtape; an exclusive 40-minute jam of brand new original-material direct from our San Francisco producer. Limited to 50 copies CDR on handstamped card sleeves.

Composed entirely of brand new, original material woven into a forty-two minute headtrip… here is his world… a place of degraded drone music, seared synth-modulations and throbbing techno plates. Switch on the Basic Channel and strap into the Surgeon’s chair, against the murk we drive, through digital storms and sludgy, compressed matter. Nodding to PAN-people, Tim Hecker, Modern Love, peering around blackest Vatican Shadow(s) burnt by orange, glaring West Coast Suns.

But this is much more than a sea of influences, this is Austin Cesear, his own unique sound, a mere taste of what’s to come, post-Cruise Forever, post Winter, into 2013.

                                                                                       B     U     Y

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