Various Artists – Interpretations on F.C. Judd


RELEASED: 20th May 2013

12 track 2 x LP (Edition of 500 pressed on white vinyl) / Download

In January 2012 we released a 35-track compendium of F.C. Judd’s music and sound, it was called Electronics Without Tears. Fast forward to Spring 2013 and we are back with Fred for a very special LP to reignite his legacy.

For our tenth release we asked some of our favourite artists working today to submit a reinterpretation of the greatly undervalued early electronics pioneer, Frederick Charles Judd. We gave them Fred’s entire archive of sounds, tone experiments, field recordings and lectures and left it up them to produce an audio artefact befitting of Judd himself.

The players invited: Chris Carter, Perc, Pye Corner Audio, Holly Herndon, Mordant Music, Peter Rehberg, Bandshell, Ekoplekz, The Boats, Leyland Kirby, Karen Gwyer and Ian Helliwell.

Interpretations On F.C. Judd opens with Fred himself, welcoming us into his world before Ian Helliwell takes us into a fractured loop of radio static and gargled musique concrete.

From here we lurch through pure tape trips (Leyland Kirby, Chris Carter) dubwise refractions (Karen Gwyer, The Boats, PCA), haunted never-zones (Ekoplekz, Mordant Music, Perc), sublime vocal deconstructions (Holly Herndon) and frightening slashes of electronic deviance (Peter Rehberg, Bandshell).

Throughout Inspirations, Fred is never far away, reminding us how important visionaries like him stalk even the most future-bound of electronic music.

Ian Helliwell – Solid States
Perc – Woodford
Chris Carter – Flip-Flop
Holly Herndon – Control Sample
Mordant Music – Hoarded House (reMMix Fredit)
The Boats – Space Judder
Pye Corner Audio – Splice Block
Leyland Kirby – Slim Jim Wimshurst Mechanicals
Karen Gwyer – Judd Drums
Peter Rehberg – FJUDDmix 032013
Bandshell – Concrete Teeth
Ekoplekz – Fredwrek

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